You are at a beginning point in your personal health and fitness journey. Take ownership of your beginning, commit to the success of your goals and be consistent. Transform your ideas about health and fitness, it is no longer a six, eight or twelve week challenge, it is just something you do everyday.


True strength and fitness take time to develop; patience and consistent effort are required. Moving well should not be a distant memory, it should be what we do because we make the effort to condition our bodies. Reconnect with nature and condition your body for the purpose it was designed – moving!


All the hard work is done, now put your fitness to use! The reason we get fit  is to use our bodies for having fun.  At sweatmonkey we love a great adventure and we love creating adventures for our clients. Take the time to create an adventure and have fun with friends and family.

We’re a fitness and adventure community

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Group Training

We have an inclusive approach to group fitness. Group sessions are structured but you will struggle to get bored. You will do things a little “out there” and you will spend time in nature. You will gain amazing strength, aerobic fitness and a bucket load of “Wow! Did I really do that?”

Monty’s Gym

Maybe you are just not into a large group setting and prefer a more personal approach. Semi – personal training has a maximum of four people per session ensuring a more personal approach but keeping the cost down. For those who have not exercised before we recommend this option for a few weeks.

Online Training

If you are not nearby and are training for a specific adventure we can help. Our personalised approach to online training will give you a personal trainer in your pocket. Initial screening, regular contact with your trainer, assessment, nutrition plans and programs structured around your situation are all part of this program.

Sweatmonkey, your success is our motivation!


"The best thing I did that day was call Justin from Sweatmonkey……..Right from our first meeting, I felt comfortable. While most of my sessions were part of group training, I always felt that the program had been tailored to suit my needs……..I am now much healthier and happier…..I also happen to have lost 24kgs on the journey."

− Gary

"Sweatmonkey has really changed my life. My fitness, endurance and body shape have changed. My weight is now under controI and I have met some of the most amazing supportive and encouraging people who I hope will remain in my life forever. Justin and his mascot Billie have changed my life. Come and join us, you will never look back"

− Lis

"An awesome way to start the day - exercising in the outdoors with a bunch of great people all led by the talented Justin (and Billie the mascot). If you want results, then look no further."

− Michelle

"Justin is a fabulous trainer who takes the time to know you, your body's capability and your goals. I also enjoy the outdoor training as i spend most if my day inside and sitting down. I would suggest to anyone who wants to get healthier to give Sweatmonkey a go"

− Vannessa

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