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Stevie Greger
The Boss!
Trekking and Bush Walking Guide

Hi I'm Stevie,
Walking and Trekking is what I enjoy and really take great pleasure in showing you all around the incredible trails we have within easy reach of Brisbane. I really love putting together the adventures our community dream up, and we have an extensive network locally and internationally and can make any adventure a reality. My goal is to assist you create those amazing experiences using the fitness you develop with our team of coaches. If you can dream it, we can make it happen! My aim is to ensure our adventures with you have a positive impact on your life and in some way help you find your balance.

Justin Greger
Strength Coach
kayak and Trekking Guide

Hi I'm Justin.
There is a gym on every corner and a PT in every park these days, so why train with us? Well, its about the experiences we create with the fitness we build in the gym or at bootcamp. My aim is to develop an environment where people are training and having fun using their fitness to create experiences. It's experiences, not things, which enrich our lives. Using a tool which serves the current goal, we will make you strong and fit enough for your next adventure; whatever that may be (It's different for everyone). We like to practice strength as opposed to working out, always striving for excellence, learning together and enjoying our amazing community. I love adventure and Kayaking is top of the list. But, a stroll up Mt Kilimanjaro or The Cooloola Coast is fun too!

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Yvonne Nelson
Strength Coach

Hi I'm Yvonne,
As a kettlebell specialist I know firsthand how effective they can be in helping you lose weight, get strong and build resilience. My goal is to share what I learned during my own weight loss and strength development journey, and provide you with tools which create a success mindset. My aim is to help ladies make that very intimidating first step into the fitness world as reassuring as possible, and show you how strength will absolutely transform your life, as it has mine.

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our training philosophy

We are proud members of the StrongFirst community and align our training principles with the StrongFirst Philosophy. We believe that everyone should be strong because being strong makes everything else easier. We believe in working hard but not for the sake of just working out, we practice our strength because strength is a skill. Everything we do has purpose, you will find no random workouts here. This does not mean we don’t love a good challenge or to have fun, in fact, quite the opposite. However, a challenge is a challenge not a training program. We like to keep things simple, complexity is unnecessary, but don’t mistake this for easy. And, we love to use our fitness to create incredible adventures and experiences. Life is enriched by sharing these experiences with family and friends. Your training should not be a chore or something you feel you need to endure to keep healthy, rather, it should enhance your life in every way.

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