The Team, Training and Prices

The Gym


This is where the magic happens! With expert guidance, a solid plan and consistent effort, you will soon be fit for life and fit for adventure. Feeling great and losing weight are added bonuses.

Head Trainer & Guide - Justin


Strength makes everything else in your life better. besides the well known benefits of being strong, we also want to enjoy our adventures, not endure them. As StrongFirst Instructors we are committed to a sensible and sustainable fitness model.

Adventure Guide - Stevie


Have shoes, will walk. No one loves a good trek more than our Stevie. Wether it's a morning walk through the local bushland, a couple of days somewhere spectacular or a bucket list adventure, she will ensure you have a fantastic experience.

Strength Coach - Yvonne


From overweight, unfit and intimidated by the average gym, to lean, strong and a kettlebell ninja! When you have walked the walk you can talk the talk. If you need advice on how to set your mind to a goal and work unwaveringly towards it, chat to Von.

Our Community

The Sweatmonkey crew walking the Rainbow Beach section of the Great Cooloola Walk

You start for the training but stay for the community. We are a fun loving bunch who work hard but play harder. We love the outdoors, we don't take ourselves seriously and we eat cake on  our birthdays! 

The Old Monkey Cafe

The old Monkey Cafe. Enjoy a pre or post workout caffeine hit.

Enjoy a coffee (really cheap for members) and swap stories about your latest adventure, your workouts or even just come on down to chill out for a while. Just make sure you get your coffee from Justin because he's way better  than Stevie or Von.

Training And Prices

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